Casual and dressy women shoes, ancle boots, boots, mocassins and sandals

C/Los Miras 25 - 03294 LA HOYA - ELCHE
TEL:(+34) 965 456 100
Sales department:Rafael Volpe

Calzados Marian initiates its gait in 1974 when his founder Tomás Antón begins to make footwear in a modest workshop.
Today, thanks to the continuous adaptation to the needs of a market in constant evolution, Calzados Marian has turned into a modern company provided with the necessary technology to confront the new times, where the design and the quality are its maximum aspiration.
Nowadays, the new generation of this familiar enterprise, joined to a great human team, they have managed to do of Marian a reference brand, so as on national as international market, having presence in many important shops and increasing its presence in more than 30 countries all over the world.
Our objective today is to keep improving and growing, controlling as until now the process of production in its entirety. From the research in fashion and trends, designing, pattern design, the election of materials, moulds and heels until the very last detail that intervenes in this gratifying dream which aim is to create shoes and illusions.

現在、家族経営を続ける会社の新しい世代は、優れた人材チームと協力し、マリアンを国内だけでなく国際市場でもリファレンス・ブランドとすることに成功し、多くの有名店舗で存在感を示し、世界30カ国以上で展開されています。 今日の私たちの目標は、これまで同様生産プロセス全体をコントロールしながら、常に向上と成長を続けること。ファッションとトレンドの研究、デザイン、パターン設計、素材の選択、型、ヒールなど、靴作りというこの喜ばしい夢に関わる最後の細部に至るまで。