Woman & Accessories.
Comfy and trendy shoes.
Espadrilles, ballerina, loafers, sandals, sneakers, rain boots, bags & accessories.

Pol. Ind. Xinorlet, XB-56, CP 03649, Chinorlet, Monovar, Alicante
TEL:(+34) 966 979 610
Sales Manager:Ms. Barbara Ivars

Contact in Japan :
Mr.Koichi Kikuchi
TEL: (+81) 3 3875 3377
E-MAIL: kikuchi@danyu.jp

UNISA is an internationally renowned Spanish footwear brand. Its designs are mainly known for comfort and for the quality of the materials used, that is the reason why a large amount of women trust and seek for the brand; it’s a company that adapts fashion to modern women’s lifestyle and comfort.
The idea of founding UNISA was born in Spain in the 70’s. Formerly conceived only as a footwear export company, shortly afterwards, the company evolved into a woman footwear manufacturer company as well, covering Spain and the rest of Europe. This happened thanks to the meeting of two businessmen: Carlos Musso and Antonio Porta. These two highly experienced footwear manufacturing managers based in Elda, who had already created several new brands and were supported by the family’s tradition, laid the foundations of a new venture to start exporting their products to the European continent. Elda became the cornerstone of all their operations.
UNISA’s main commitment is comfort. Everyday, the company’s lab experiment with shoes to be more comfortable, lighter and with better fitted lasts, to make shoes that are trendy and functional at the same time; a match between footwear technology and fashion.
UNISA designs for a professional, modern woman, who cares for appearance but needs and all-day shoe; a shoe to walk on the street, attend a meeting, get on the subway and end the day at a party or a romantic date. In order to get so, Unisa uses and implements one of the features of high quality sport shoes: TPU soles.
Advantages are countless; non- slipping, perfect to walk on rainy weather, light, resistant, flexible in any weather condition and prevents electrostatic. Even platform shoes are approached as a new concept thanks to the flexibility of Tpu

UNISAは、プロフェッショナルでモダンな女性のためにデザインしています。外見に気を使いながらも、一日中履ける靴を必要としている。街を歩き、会議に出席し、地下鉄に乗り、一日の終わりにはパーティーやロマンチックなデートに出かける。そんな女性のためにUNISAはある工夫を凝らしています。 高品質のスポーツシューズの特徴のひとつであるTPUソールを採用です。