Woman and man.
Casual urban, trendy, confort.
Ballerinas, loafers/mocassins, oxford blutcher, sandals, sneakers.

Av.del Raiguer,2 07300 Inca-Balearic Islands, Spain
TEL:(+34) 672 704 132 (+34) 663 879 610
E-MAIL:tsolivellas@lottusse.com rcervilla@lottusse.com
CCO:Mr. Antonio Solivellas
Business Developer:Mr. Rafael Cervilla

We are a Spanish Brand that specializes in the manufacture of very high quality leather products.
Lottusse is a family-owned shoe company founded in 1877 in Mallorca that has maintained the quality and craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation. Its artisanal shoemaking workshop is one of the most prestigious in Europe thanks to the Goodyear manufacturing system.
With almost 150 years of experience, Lottusse has expanded its product offering to other high-quality items, but always keeping its commitment to excellence and durability.
Antoni Fluxá Figuerola, who was born in Inca, Mallorca, in 1856, and as a young man began as an apprentice in a small shoe workshop, which gave him a great passion for the trade. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to travel throughout Europe and discover the valuable certainty that craftsmanship and industry could coexist in balance.
In 1877, at the age of 27, Fluxá returned to Mallorca and opened his first workshop in Inca, giving rise to Lottusse 1877. For 46 years, Antoni Fluxá revolutionized the production and commercialization of Footwear without giving up the artisanal essence, making the love for quality his flag and turning the footwear sector into the driving force of change in his town.
After nearly a century and a half, Lottusse stands as an independent family-owned company passionately dedicated to preserving the art and craftsmanship, while boldly embracing a future filled with innovation and inspiration

アントニ・フルクサ・フィゲロラは、1856年にマヨルカ島のインカに生まれ、若い頃 小さな靴工房で見習いとして働き始めました。彼の起業家精神は、彼をヨーロッパ中へ導き、職人技と工業がバランスよく共存できるという貴重な確信を得たのです。
1877年、27歳になったフルクサはマヨルカ島に戻り、インカに最初の工房を開き、 ロトゥーセ1877が誕生したのです。46年間、アントニ・フルクサは、職人的エッセンスを放棄することなく、靴の生産と商品化に革命をもたらし続け、品質への愛情をもって靴の世界を大きく変えていきました。 およそ1世紀半を経て、ロトゥーセは独立した家族経営企業となっています。